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Wood County Junior Livestock Show

 April 2007

This marked Tud's first year competing with cattle in our local county market show.  His project, Miss Bonnie, was a registered Jersey, all the other dairy competitors were grade Holsteins.  He did not place well, but he got a lot of experience that year.  He had raised Bonnie from a weanling and she was nearly a year old by show day.  She had grown quite a bit; she was a large framed girl.  He learned how to feed and care for a large project as well as handle and exhibit them which was the goal that first year.  He really loved spending time with Bonnie.  She sold at the show's auction, but he was lucky enough to buy her back at floor price, giving him enough to help with feed costs and allowing him to maintain his investment.


Miss Bonnie
6th Place Dairy Heifer
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