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TRK Suede's Mirror Image

DOB: 5/23/2013


Thank you to Carla Payne of Slidell, TX

TRK Suede's Mirror Image is the second calf out of our big bodied grulla cow.  Her Dam is a great milker and passes on her unique color to her offspring.  Mirror's Sire is a Peacemaker 44 son who has passed on some great horn and brindling to all of his calves.  Mirror displays a unique golden and grulla speckling to her hide and has horns that are laying out nice and flat with good base.  She is confirmed bred to our KC Just Respect son, TRK Now That's Respect, for her first calf in mid-summer. Mirror will sale at the TLBT Senior Sale this June during the World Expo in Ft. Worth, Texas.


Update 6/5/2015 - Mirror sold at the Senior Sale for $2,500 to Ms. Carla Payne.  Thank you to all the bidders for your support!


Update 6/24/2015 - We received an updated photo of Mirror with her new bull calf born on 6/14/2015.  He is a looker and will likely brindle.  Congrats!

Front                                                  Back
GLC Outlaw
(Peacemaker 44  x  Two Bits 9/7)
TL Suede's Reflection
(Country Liberator  x  TTT Royal Suede)
Febraury 16, 2014
17.75" TTT
August 2014 
483 lbs.
February 15, 2015
39.5" TTT


March 21, 2014
Stillwater Shootout
4th, Youth Class 3 Females
June 2014
Autobahnanza Youth Tour
10th Place, Females
September 26, 2014
East Texas State Fair
5th Place, Youth Class 9 Females
January 19, 2015
Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
3rd Place, Youth Class 9 Females
March 13, 2015
North Texas Spring Show, Glen Rose
7th Place, Youth Class 9 Females
June 4, 2015
World Show
5th Place, Youth Class 9.2 Females
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