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TRK Quanah Parker

DOB: 8/9/2015


Thank you Fischer Family of Pilot Point, TX

Tierra once again had us on pins and needles awaiting the arrival of her calf.  She finally gave birth in the hottest part of the summer! Quanah is a grandson of KC Just Respect and the great-grandson of both Boomerang CP and GF Heavy Hitter.  His face, neck and legs are very frosty and the rest of his body has speckles that will likely roan with age.  He has extremely dark eyeliner and is quite handsome.  We hope he grows well as he has some great genetics on both top and bottom.


Sells branded, vaccinated, and registered.


Update 2/29/2016 -

SOLD - Thank you, Fischer Family!

TRK Now That's Respect
(KC Just Respect  x  GF Pippette Hitter)
TW Tierra Topsana
(Boomerang's Tierra CP  x  TW Melody's Topsana)
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