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TRK Graceful Gringa

DOB: 4/21/2013

Thank you Arthur Family of Lake Cherokee, TX

TRK Graceful Gringa has a beautiful deep roan coloring with shades of purple.  Her sire is an El Coyote bred bull and her dam is a very big bodied female.  We really love the look of Gringa and her personality is amazing, she would be in your pocket if you'd let her.  Her horns are starting to develop a slight roll to them and are fairly thick at the bases.


Gringa's first four calves were heifers, with the last three being from our herd sire, TRK Safari's Supernova.  She then had a Rodeo Max ST bull calf who used in our beef program before giving us another Safari heifer who is a full-sister to the famous "Margi", the big bodied show girl with twin heifers at side in 2020-2021 season.  She is a really pretty deep Parker Brown.


Gringa recently weaned a thick bull by our SR Clout son, Moo-Hoo, and is exposed back the same way for Spring 2023.


Gringo 158
(VJ Tommie  x  Delta Heaven)
TRK Amazing Grace
(Emperor's Echo  x  CO Spotzee)
February 16, 2014
16.5" TTT
June 2014
572 lbs.
February 15, 2015
35.0" TTT
July 17, 2015
40" TTT
October 17, 2015
42.25" TTT
October 3, 2013
East Texas State Fair
7th Place, Youth Class 4 Females
October 3, 2013
East Texas State Fair
3rd Place, Open Class 4 Females
January 20, 2014
Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
22nd Place, Youth Class 4 Females
June 2014
Autobahnanza Youth Tour
7th Place, Females
September 26, 2014
East Texas State Fair
14th Place, Youth Class 10 Females
March 13, 2015
North Texas Spring Show, Glen Rose
11th Place, Youth Class 10 Females
June 13, 2015
Autobahn Youth Tour
4th Place, Females (with calf-at-side)
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