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TRK Bazinga!

DOB: 3/5/2015


Thank you J. Heinze of Stephenville, TX

Bazinga! is a uniquely colored steer with a grulla lineback and speckles.  He is definitely not short on size, he is built like a brick house and his legs are like tree stumps, he is one stout dude.  His horns are sporting the forward swoop, a characteristic of his dam and older half brother, TRK Shootin' Blanks.

He has been used on the youth show circuit the past three years as part of our show program.  His exhibitor has done a fantastic job with him and he has placed well in his classes this year.  His time in the ring is coming to an end as he ages out of the youth division.  


Bazinga will be available for purchase at the end of June once his final show season is complete.  If you are interested in adding this gentle giant to your pastures, please contact us for early consideration.  He MUST go to a buyer who will agree to send photo updates to his exhibitor.

Update 5/11/2018:

He has been spoken for and will be transferred and go to his new home as of July 1, at the conclusion of the current show season.  Thank you J. Heinze for your purchase of TRK Bazinga!

TRK Safari's Supernova
(Safari B Stetson 625  x  Safari B 175)
TL Suede's Reflection
(Country Liberator  x  TTT Royal Suede)
March 12, 2016
North Texas Spring Show
16th Place, Youth Class 27 Steers
March 26, 2016
Stillwater Shootout
7th Place, Youth Class 27 Steers
June 8, 2016
World Show
4th Place, Youth Class 27 Steers
June, 2016
Autobahn, Ft. Worth
6th Place, Youth Steers
September 30, 2016
East Texas State Fair
11th Place, Youth Class 32 Steers
November 18, 2016
Kaufman Police Association Show
4th Place, Youth Class 32 Steers
January 16, 2017
Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
13th Place, Youth Class 32 Steers
March 10, 2017
North Texas Spring Show
7th Place, Youth Class 32 Steers
March 11, 2017
North Texas Spring Show (Points Only)
3rd Place, Youth Class 32 Steers
June 8, 2017
World Show
4th Place, Youth Class 32.2 Steers
June, 2017
Autobahn, Ft. Worth
4th Place, Youth Class 74 Steers
September 8, 2017
West Texas Fair & Rodeo
12th Place, Youth Class 33 Steers
September 29, 2017
East Texas State Fair
3rd Place, Youth Class 33 Steers
November 17, 2017
Kaufman Police Association Show
6th Place, Youth Class 33 Steers
January 15, 2018
Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo
5th Place, Youth Class 33 Steers
March 10, 2018
North Texas Spring Show
5th Place, Youth Class 33 Steers
March 11, 2018
North Texas Spring Show (Points Only)
Reserve Grand Champion, Youth Class 33 Steers
June 2018
Autobahn, Ft. Worth
7th Place, Youth Steers
June 27, 2018
World Show
7th Place, Youth Class 33.2 Steers
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