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TRK Safari's Ringo Starr

DOB: 3/15/2016


Thank you Edgemon Family of Rockwall, TX

Ringo is a knockout!  We love the ringlets around his eyes, he inherited our favorite characteristic of his Sire.  We think he will be a carbon copy of his Sire, with nearly identical markings.  He definitely will darken with age as he has a black undercoat and tail switch.  Whether he will have his Dam's deep burgundy coloring or the faded parker brown coloring like his Sire will be fun to watch.  This guy is already full of energy and quite curious/friendly. 


Update 10/16/2016:

SOLD - Thank you Edgemon Family of Rockwall, TX

Update Fall 2017:

Received updated photo from the Edgemon's.  Thank you!

TRK Safari's Supernova
(Safari B Stetson 625  x  Safari B 175)
Royal T's Starry Night
(Hot Shot's Toro  x  LTL High Queen)
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