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Jack Cross Memorial Show - Winnsboro, TX

November 2014

Jack Cross Memorial Show is our local FFA's annual fundraiser.  It is a great show to get some practice with your project before majors or before the county market show.


Since Tud's commercial beef heifer projects were not registered, this is the best time to get them out to their first show.  It helps get them some exposure to the showring and to all the other people/animals they don't experience around the ranch.  This show can become a bit of a rodeo with the new beef heifers since it is their first event since being halter trained.  We have had a few who behaved great at home and went haywire when they stepped off the trailer at Jack Cross for the first time.  You have to be prepared for anything!  This year, Miss Spicy was a bit nervous, but all in all behaved quite well.  She place 3rd in her class.


This show also hosts a Longhorn class for both heifers and bulls.  There have been years where Tud has taken as many as 7 head to this event, but we opted to only take one this year, TRK Graceful Gringa.  She won the Breed Champion buckle.


Unfortunately my camera was not working well and I was only able to get one grainy photo of the beef heifer class.



TRK Graceful Gringa
Breed Champion, Longhorn Females
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