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East Texas State Fair - Tyler, TX


This is our 7th year at the East Texas State Fair!  We enjoy this show because it is not only close to home, but also the first show of our season. This show allows us to preview and compare our new weanlings. This sets the stage for the rest of the year by helping us determine who will continue to get hauled to the major shows later in the season.  This year we took 3 yearling heifers and 2 steers.  Most of the stock placed very well and we were very pleased with the results.  Laureda and Awesome Sauce, who was attending his first show at 5.5 months old, both placed 2nd in their classes! This should qualify them for the World Show in June 2015.


This show also marked the "first of the last" Youth show season for Tud, who will graduate this coming Spring.  He will be pushing a little harder this season as he prepares for the Senior Sale and for the scholarship application process.  He plans to use his heifer TRK Suede's Mirror Image as his senior project.

TRK Laureda
2nd Place, Youth Class 9 Female
TRK Suede's Mirror Image
5th Place, Youth Class 9 Female
TRK Graceful Gringa
14th Place, Youth Class 10 Female
TRK Awesome Sauce
2nd Place, Youth Class 26 Steer
TRK Shootin' Blanks
3rd Place, Youth Class 31 Steer
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