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Laureda's Calf - 2016

DOB: 9/30/2016


Thank you Draggin' T Ranch of Elmore City, OK

This girl is going to be just as gorgeous as her Momma!  She is destined to turn some shade of Parker Brown.  Her face is extremely feminine with a gentle, sweet look to her.  Her Dam is one of the sweetest girls in the pasture and she is bound to be no different, she has already walked right up to me.  Pair these qualities with her awesome horn genetics and she will be quite the package.

Update 10/12/2016:

Sold at side of dam.

Update Fall 2017:

Received updated photo from Draggin' T Ranch.  Thank you!

TRK Safari's Supernova
(Safari B Stetson 625  x  Safari B 175)
TRK Laureda
(JR Laredo CO Laurel Bush)
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