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Ft. Worth Stock Show & Rodeo


Ft. Worth is one of the most competitive shows of our season.  We have always struggled to place well as the classes are quite large.  With this being Tud's last Ft. Worth Stock Show as a youth competitor we were absolutely thrilled with his two 3rd place finishes.


His heifer, TRK Suede's Mirror Image placed 3rd in her class of 6 which earned her a place at the National TLBT Show.  This was good news since she was the heifer Tud intended to use as his Senior Sale project, meaning she needed to qualify and be shown in June.  He created postcards to hand-out at the show and at the Eddie Cowtown Classic Sale to advertise her as part of the marketing requirement for Senior Sale.  It was great she placed well in her class as it helped her exposure and show record.


Probably the most exciting result of the show was his performance with his 2012 steer, TRK Shootin' Blanks.  They placed 3rd in a class of 7 very impressive steers.  This was the oldest class of youth steers and the competition is extremely tough.  Blanks was born in June and the class covers the entire year, so many have 6 months of growth on him.  Blanks was one of the first longhorn calves born on our ranch, so it was exciting to see Tud be successful with him during his senior year.


Both animals, Mirror and Blanks, are full siblings, too!  It goes to show that when you find a combination that works, you stick with it.


I cannot seem to locate my photo files for this show, although I know I have more.  I hope to locate them and share more of them soon.



TRK Suede's Mirror Image
3rd Place, Class 9 Youth Females
TRK Laureda
6th Place, Class 9 Females
TRK Awesome Sauce
9th Place, Class 26 Youth Steers
TRK Shootin' Blanks
3rd Place, Class 31 Youth Steers
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