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"We made burgers last night and everyone loved it. Definitely a difference in commercial beef. We will not be going back. Local beef for us going forward."
- C.F., Cedar Hills

We are excited to offer naturally lean Registered Texas Longhorn Beef to the Northeast Texas area!  Our animals are locally raised on our family farm and are free of steroids and growth hormones.  We grass and grain feed, with animals expected to finish around 95/5.  All processing is done by a Texas State Inspected facility and meets all health and safety requirements. 


We will have limited availability each year as we are a very small operation, so get on our list for first consideration.  To get on the waiting list for future orders, please use the 'Inquire About Longhorn Beef' button above to send us a message indicating whether you are interested in a half, a whole, or packaged products.  We will add you to our contacts list and email clients with future availability.  Availability will also be listed in the gallery at the bottom of this page.


In order to reserve the next available purchase, a deposit of $300 per side is required.  Deposits are applied to the final purchase price and are non-refundable within the last 60 days.  Final payment will be calculated upon receipt of hanging weight and the balance must be paid in full before the product will be released.  Hanging weights are expected to be in the 450-550 lb. range per animal.  The processing cost is for basic cuts/products only and the buyer is responsible for any premium products selected (stew meat, burger patties, tri-tip, smoked products, etc.).  Failure to follow through with purchase substantiates the forfeiture of the deposit.

You can see photos of our available and upcoming steers here.

Educational Resources:

Keep in mind these resources will likely be representative of Angus-type cattle with much more fat/marbling than a Registered Texas Longhorn, but they will provide some insight into the process of what to expect when purchasing beef on the rail.


When purchasing halves, you are purchasing the half as it hangs on the rail (hanging weight) and not by the final yield.  The sides hang to dry-age, and are then cut/processed to your custom specifications; final yield can vary based on the selections you make (boneless, vs. bone-in for example).  Longhorns typically will yield 55-65% of the hanging weigh in final product.  Here is an article that addresses this process in more detail.


Here are some great videos on the various cuts from a side of beef, they will provide you insight on where your favorite cuts come from and how they are processed.  


$7.00/lb. Hanging Weight
Plus $50 Processing Fee
Premium Products Extra

Prices subject to change based on the market.  
Those with contracts/deposits are locked in.
Let us help you stock your freezer with lean, healthy, locally grown beef.
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Side of Beef
Side of Beef

March 2023 Reservations Now Open!

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