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Autobahn Youth Scholarship Tour


Wow, what a blessing this show is to the youth of the Longhorn industry!  Our son became involved with the Autobahn in early 2010, and after nine shows had a substantial amount of scholarship money in his account.  Most of his awards did not even come from the placings of his cattle, but the extra events they offer.


Tud is a great public speaker and he loved competing in the Autobahn's Speech Contest at each event.  This year he placed 4th out of 48 Senior Division competitors!


He was also awarded the prestigious Laura Harding Perseverance Award which came with a $2,500 scholarship.  We are so proud of him for being the kind of kid deserving of such recognitions, he truly makes an impression on people with his positive attitude, work ethic, sportsmanship, and humor.


We were also excited about how well TRK Graceful Gringa and TRK Shootin' Blanks placed in their classes.  The Autobahn is tough competition and it was nice to see him do well on his final outing.


Now, off to college!



TRK Laureda
7th Place, Senior Females
TRK Graceful Gringa
4th Place, Senior Females
TRK Shootin' Blanks
3rd Place, Senior Steers
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