Angie's Calf - 2019

DOB: 2/27/2019

This gorgeous little heifer came as a fun surprise.  We purchased her dam on June 3rd and she was called open by the vet who completed her health certification.  We thought we were expecting a calf by our bull later in March, but Angie just kept bigger and bigger.  The birthdate and coloration of this calf correlates with what should be a Hot Playboy daughter.  We will be conducting DNA testing to be certain, but at this point we are pretty confident.  This spunky calf looks like she will be a knockout.

Pending DNA Test
(  x  )
HR Angie
(WF Commando x  HR Angel)
February 1, 2020
22.5" TTT
June 21, 2020
32.8125" TTT

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Counter Installed 1/6/2019

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