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77 Moohomie

DOB: 1/29/2020


Thank you Reese Family of Winnsboro, TX

This is our much anticipated calf, pairing our Safari genetics with Black Kettle as grandsires.  Although it is a bull calf, we are excited to see how he develops as his dam is one of the best heifers we have raised through our breeding plans.  He is colored up a lot like her, but with a brindle sire and a striped nose it will be fun to see how his color progresses.  He will be exhibited at side of his dam by Miss Naomi as part of our show program through the end of the 2019-2020 season.


This calf was born just a few days before our beloved Chiefs won the Super Bowl, therefore he has been given the name Moohomie in honor of our awesome quarterback who finally got us the BIG W!

Update July 1, 2020:

Miss Naomi and her family have decided to make Moohomie a permanent part of their herd.  He will be shown on the youth circuit and we know he will do great!

Kettle's Tattoo
(Black Kettle x  Sweet River Tattoo)
77 Margaritaville
(TRK Safari's Supernova x  TRK Graceful Gringa)
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